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Surge Survival Of SSRs Rated Superior

The SV family of solid-state relays is said to achieve ÒSuperior Surge SurvivalÓ by using a three-tier approach involving noise attenuation, blocking voltage, and turn-on time. By means of a new, more rugged snubber circuit, the SSRs are able to attenuate most industrial noise.Secondly, the new SSRÕs ruggedness is increased by using circuitry that enables the relays to exhibit a high dv/dt capability and a high, 800V blocking voltage. And by using a new, fast responding turn-on circuit, SV SSRs reportedly can survive high energy, non-repetitive power line surges and then continue operating normally. The dc-activated versions of the relays offer a current-limited input, while the ac-activated types offer input leakage immunity. CII CONTINENTAL INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL, Leesburg, VA. (703) 669-1306.


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