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Switch Cuts Off Power In Vehicle Electrical Systems

The 75920 Master Battery Disconnect Switch from Cole Hersee Co. cuts off all battery power from the all vehicle electrical systems, including heavy truck, off-road, construction, emergency, material handling, refuse collection, mining, agricultural, and marine vehicles.

The switch also provides an effective emergency power cutoff, protecting vehicles from tampering, theft, and battery drain. It further provides service personnel with an extra level of safety, protecting them from hazards, and it can be locked-out or tagged-out to satisfy OSHA requirements for energy isolation.

Even when it’s mounted in exposed locations, the 75920 composite engineered polymer housing won’t rust or corrode. The switch has been tested per SAE 1455 for road salt, calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride, and it is waterproof to IP67. With its high amperage capacity of 300 A at 12 V dc, it can be used in high-side or low-side applications. Its large red knob allows for easy operation with gloved hands, and its 90° switch travel makes it easy to identify the switch position.

Cole Hersee


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