Electronic Design

Synchronous Step Down Regulator Improves Efficiency

AnalogDevices-AThe ADP2370 and ADP2371 are ultra-low quiescent current synchronous step down regulators from Analog Devices. They offer a wide input range and 100 percent duty cycle operation to increase battery life for portable consumer, industrial, and medical electronics. Optimized for energy efficiencies in battery-powered applications using multiple alkaline/NiMH, lithium cells, or other standard power sources, the 15-V, 800-mA output DC-to-DC regulators provide a voltage supply range of 3.2 V to 15 V. With a greater than 93 percent conversion efficiency, designers can support a higher load in a smaller area. The ADP2371, otherwise identical to the ADP2370, also supplies quick output discharge, ensuring the output bypass capacitors are completely discharged so the processor can wake in a known state. The regulators operate over the −40°C to +125°C junction temperature range and are available in compact 3 mm × 3 mm QFN-8 lead packages. Available now in full production, the ADP2370 and ADP2371 are priced at $1.40 each/1,000.

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