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Telecom Surge Simulator Sports High Repetition Rate

The TSS500M/6B telecom surge simulator meets the requirements of Bellcore GR1089 for first- and second-level lightning surges on two or four telecom ports. The unit, which comes in a single 9U high package, simulates the 2/10, 10/360, and 10/1000 surge waveforms at up to 5 kV. Pulse repetition rates vary from one every two seconds for the 2/10 pulse up to one per minute for the 10/1000 pulse. A new high-energy power supply enables this high repetition rate, which in turn translates into fast testing speeds. Other features include a built-in voltmeter and ammeter to measure and record peak surge voltages and currents, IEEE-488 and RS-232 interfaces, and a CRO oscilloscope trigger. Pricing is $50,000.

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