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Thermally Conductive Polymer Prevents Component Overheating

product pic

With conductivity up to 100 W/mK, CoolPoly is a thermally conductive polymer (on right in photo) that prevents overheating and component failure. The CoolPoly panel conducts the heat, generating a more isothermal profile while the standard plastic (left) creates a hot spot. The maximum temperature difference on the CoolPoly panel is only 4°C, while the standard plastic produces a 24°C temperature difference. Additionally, the temperature at the edge of the standard plastic is equal to the ambient temperature, indicating that no thermal energy has been transferred to the edge. The CoolPoly panel not only spreads the heat evenly, it also dissipates the thermal energy into the surrounding environment more efficiently, thus lowering the panel's maximum temperature.

The thermally conductive polymers give design engineers a plastic material solution in applications where heat transfer requirements previously limited material selection to metals and ceramics. Applications include heating and cooling, and computer and portable electronics. The material is also injection moldable.

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