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TI Joins Energy-Harvesting Wireless Standards Group

Texas Instruments Inc. has become a full member and participating company in the recently established EnOcean Alliance. The Alliance was founded last month to establish a global standard for sustainable buildings based upon EnOcean’s revolutionary energy-harvesting wireless technology.

EnOcean’s simple yet intelligent, self-powered wireless switches and sensors are powered by energy drawn from movement, light, or even changes in temperature rather than batteries. This harvested energy is used for transmitting sensor data over a distance of up to 30 m, through walls, within a building to control lighting, blinds, heating, or air conditioning without the need for cabling. In addition to its eco-friendliness, the technology is easily installed and maintenance-free, ensuring great flexibility at the lowest investment and operational cost for sustainable buildings.

“The Alliance is still in launch phase but we have already passed a major milestone in gaining the support of such a prominent semiconductor leader as TI,” said Graham Martin, chairman of the EnOcean Alliance. “At April’s Light+Building conference, the largest home and building automation show in the world, more than 40 companies demonstrated 200 interoperable EnOcean-based products. This is a great testament to the qualities of the EnOcean standard—no batteries, maintenance-free, interoperable, and easy-to-install—as well as the commitment of the founding promoters to sustainable green buildings.”

Texas Instruments

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