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Tiny Cap Serves As A Backup Power Source

Within its compact, 17 mm x 23 mm x 9.5 mm, hermetically-sealed stainless-steel protective housing, the PC5-5 ultracapacitor can store 23 Joules of energy at 5.0V, qualifying the power source for use in consumer electronics, wireless transmission products, medical instruments, automatic meter readers, and other products that might require a pulse of power. The ultracap can even be used in automotive subsystems, such as those used for power locks and windows.
The PC5-5 small-cell, foil-type ultracapacitor is designed to keep electronic products running during dips, sags and outages in the main power source. In addition, it can also relieve batteries of burst power functions, helping extend battery life. And the device is said to be capable of accepting charges at rates identical to the discharge rates of systems that can benefit from the regenerative energy. The ultracap weighs just 8 grams, and has a -20&degC to +60°C operating temperature range.

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