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Transient Voltage Suppressors Use Multilayer Varistor Technology

The TransGuard series of bidirectional transient voltage suppressors now includes the dual-element 0405 MultiGuard multilayer ceramic transient voltage suppression array. This line of surface-mount chips offers the equivalent of two separate 0402 varistors, or four back-to-back diodes with two EMI capacitors. The chips are based on the company's multilayer varistor technology and provide bidirectional ESD protection, EMI attenuation, and subnanosecond response time.

The miniature MultiGuard series 0405 chip arrays are available in 5.6-, 14-, and 18-V ratings. They feature a 0.02-J energy rating and a typical capacitance range from 40 pF at 14 and 18 V to 360 pF at 5.6 V. They are rated for operation over the full temperature range from -55°C to 125°C. The chip arrays are packaged in 7-in. reels in 1000-piece quantities. They are compatible with high-speed pick-and-place equipment.

Pricing for the chip arrays ranges from $0.10 to $0.15, depending on volume.

AVX Corp.
(843) 946-0414; www.avxcorp.com

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