Electronic Design

Turnkey Test Service Yields SER Qualification For ICs

The SERTEST Shuttle, a turnkey test service for soft errors in memory and logic ICs, uses a high-energy neutron beam to replicate and measure the effects of alpha particles, thermal neutrons, and atmospheric neutrons. The result is a soft error rate (SER) qualification for ICs to ensure their reliability and security in electronic systems. As more designs utilize 0.13- and 0.09-µm processes, soft errors must be accounted for due to their random and elusive nature. Testing for both alpha particles and radiation-induced neutrons enables designers to understand the effects of soft errors on their circuits and to incorporate a solution prior to manufacturing. The provider assumes total responsibility for the preparation and actual test, a process that currently may take up to 12 weeks. In the near future, this process is expected to take six to eight weeks. Pricing depends on such variables as the chip to be tested, the number of runs to be performed, the parameters to be tested, and the location of the test. Pricing for the SERTEST Shuttle service starts at $40,000.

iRoc Technologies Corp.
www.sertest.com; (408) 982-5800

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