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Ultra-Caps Operate At 2.7V With Low ESR

The company's ultra-capacitors operate at 2.7V, with some operating at 0.2V higher than existing such devices. They also are said to offer the highest available capacitance and energy storage density (i.e., 5,000F and 5.8W-hr./kg, respectively) and the lowest equivalent series resistance (ESR = 4 m½) at currents exceeding 500A.These durable energy storage devices are suitable for use where high peak power is encountered, such as is in electric vehicles, fuel cells, and UPSsÑhere, batteries serve as the primary power source while the ultra-capacitors are used to meet peak load demand (the ultra-caps have about 10X the power density and charge/discharge over 100X times faster than similar sized batteries). The 2.7V ultra-caps come in 1,700-, 3,500- and 5,000-F models, with 1,700F units costing $110 each. NESS CAPACITOR CO., Suwon, South Korea. 82-31-219-0682; [email protected]


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