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Ultra Caps Provide Low-Cost Energy Storage

The latest BOOSTCAP components, consisting of 16 ultracapacitor cells and multi-cell modules, employ an architecture and electrode technology that are said to set higher industry standards for performance, cost, and durability. The capacitors address the requirements of automotive, transportation, industrial, and consumer markets. Six energy-type cells provide capacitances of 350F, 650F, 1,200F, 1,500F, 2,000F, and 2,600F while 10 multi-cell modules integrate the cells in various combinations. Cells with a capacitance of 650F or greater operate at 2.7V. Designed to meet requirements for durability and maintenance-free operation, the multi-cell modules include internal cell balancing, supporting plug-and-play designs plus module-to-module balancing. MAXWELL TECHNOLOGIES, San Diego, CA. (858) 503-3300.


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