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Unit Spot Welds In A Single Pulse

The SonoWeld Series of easy-to-use, microprocessor-controlled metal welders can perform spot welds in a single pulse with repeatable accuracy. And with additional tooling, the unit can provide wire-to-terminal welding. This ultrasonic welder can join up to 10 stranded wires from a flat flexible circuit to multi-connection terminals in a single pulse. SonoWelds have applications in many industries, including electrical, electronic, appliances, and communications equipment. With a microprocessor controller built into the power supply, SonoWeld equipment can store and recall up to 250 weld protocols from memory. The supply uses an amplifier design based on pulse width modulation and comes equipped with a feedback loop in the directional coupler to control output power. The welder comes in 1,500W and 2,500W models, has a RS-232 port to transfer weld information to a computer, and uses the company's patented Wedge-Reed coupling system of high clamp force and low vibratory amplitude to direct ultrasonic energy at dispersing oxides and surface films on the workpieces. This provides a metal-to-metal contact point, forming a true metallurgical bond without fusion.


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