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Vibration Resistant Batteries Target UPS Apps

A new high-rate discharge battery has been designed for uninterruptible power supply and other applications requiring maximized space utilization combined with high energy density. The cases and covers of the new DataSafe HX line of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries use a polypropylene compound to improve high temperature performance and increase vibration resistance. Their lower deflection rate prevents the housing from expanding during high temperature operation, allowing the battery to maintain internal plate compression for increased battery life. The battery line includes five 12V models, all with a 15 minute rate to 1.67V end voltage. The models are: the HX205 at 204W per cell; the HX300 at 284W per cell; the HX330 at 336W per cell; the HX400 at 381W per cell; and the HX500 at 506W per cell. The line’s compatibility with similar products makes the HX batteries useful for both new and replacement applications. The battery’s design incorporates high conductivity recessed brass terminals; high integrity, long life terminal seals; and corrosion resistant lead-calcium-tin alloy positive and negative grids. The product is available in flame retardant material (UL94-V0/L.O.I.>28%) or non-flame retardant material. The HX meets industry standards including UL, IATA certification for air transport, and US DOT classification for non-spillable batteries. Pricing starts at $89. ENERSYS INC., Reading, PA. (800) 538-3627.


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