Gate Driver Leverages Coreless Transformer For 1200-V Apps

Gate Driver Leverages Coreless Transformer For 1200-V Apps

The 1EDI EiceDRIVER compact single-channel gate driver suits applications with isolation voltages of up to 1200 V. Infineon’s galvanically isolated drivers are based on the company’s Coreless Transformer technology, which enables output currents of up to 6 A on separate output pins.

The basic system includes undervoltage lockout for IGBTs and MOSFETs, as well as an active shutdown when the driver isn’t connected to the power supply.

According to Infineon, EiceDRIVER components are the first driver ICs to achieve a value of 100 kV/µs for the CMTI (common mode transient immunity). Packaged in DSO-8s, the devices operate in ambient temperatures of up to 125°C in applications such as industrial drives, inverters, welding equipment, induction cooking appliances, and power supplies for servers or telecommunications. 


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