Self-Correcting Zero-Drift Amp Operates At 1.8 V

Self-Correcting Zero-Drift Amp Operates At 1.8 V

The MCP6N16 zero-drift instrumentation amplifier, developed by Microchip, features a self-correcting architecture to maximize dc performance.  It delivers ultra-low offset, low-offset drift and superior common-mode and power-supply rejection while eliminating the adverse effects of 1/f noise, significantly boosting accuracy across both time and temperature.

Leveraging low-power CMOS process technology, the amp minimizes power consumption while still providing 500-kHz bandwidth. A hardware-enable pin saves even more power.  Such low-power operation along with shutdown capability requires less current for the given speed and performance, which leads to less self-heating.

Its 1.8-V operation makes it possible to drain two dry-cell, 1.5-V batteries well beyond typical use, and rail-to-rail input and output operation enables full-range use, even in low-supply conditions.  Those features help enhance performance across the entire operating voltage range.

The amplifier comes in 8-pin MSOP and 3- by 3-mm DFN packages.


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