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Sensor Combines Ambient Light, Color, Proximity Sensing

Sensor Combines Ambient Light, Color, Proximity Sensing

AMS’s integrated ambient light, color (RGB), and proximity sensor is optimized for operation behind dark glass to drive intelligent display adoption in mobile devices. Integrated into the TMD3782 optical module to provide ambient light intensity (lux) and color measurement, the sensor gives mobile devices the ability to automatically adjust display color and brightness for the best viewing experience as well as save power.

According to AMS, the new sensor senses light much like the human eye, enabling more sophisticated control of display brightness and color. On-chip filters minimize the effects of ultraviolet and infrared (IR) light and enable its photopic response, improving overall light- and color-sensing accuracy.

The sensor’s photodiodes have a radial structure to create a uniform and optimized angular response when mounted under the 360° module lens. In addition, its 45° field of view offers a broader and more accurate measurement of the lighting environment. An interrupt capability lets the sensor alert the applications processor when crossing pre-set light and colour measurement thresholds, eliminating the need for continuous polling and reducing overall system power requirements.

The TMD3782, which packs in the sensor plus IR LED and optical lenses, measures 3.9 by 2.4 by 1.4 mm, suitable for mounting in densely populated, low-profile board assemblies.


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