Audio Development Kit Brings Wake-Word Support to Raspberry Pi

March 16, 2022
We take a look at Knowles' IA8201 EVM Kit that provides multi-microphone audio support for a Raspberry Pi host.

Check out more Kit Close-up videos.

I recently had the opportunity to dig into Knowles Electronics' AISonic IA8201 Development Kit for Raspberry Pi. It's a multi-board solution that plugs into the Raspberry Pi header (Fig. 1).

The IA8201 DSP is built around a pair of Tensilica-based, audio-centric DSP cores. The DeltaMax core handles high-performance computing, including machine-learning algorithms. It's an Xtensa L5 128-bit, 4-way, floating-point SIMD DSP core with extensions to optimize frame-based audio analysis and deep-neural-network (DNN) models. 

The other low-power core is a 64-bit HemiDelta Xtensa LX5 that provides always-on audio processing. It is a 2-way, floating-point SIMD DSP core with Xtensa HiFi 3 and Knowles instruction set enhancements. 


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