Test Systems Match Pin Capacity to Node Count

The GR2280 and GR2281 Production Test Systems, new additions to GenRad’s Board Test System family, are designed for customers who don’t want to pay for the added capacity of high pin-count testers. A base system starts at under $100,000.

The systems feature GenRad’s Automatic Test Generation, which assures rapid test programming; Opens Xpress, which detects opens; and the Analog Functional Test Module, which simplifies testing of hybrid devices. Programmable user power supplies and 896 fully hybrid bi-directional digital pins are included. All pins have parallel drive and sense capability. The packaging of the GR2280/81 is such that it is easily adapted to automated lines.

The GR2280/81 tests boards requiring up to 1,280 test points. GenRad, Inc., (800) 4-GENRAD.

Copyright 1995 Nelson Publishing Inc.

March 1995

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