Pick-and-Place Handler Offers Fast Changeover

The 1000 Series Handlers have a footprint of less than 15 ft2. The test head docks horizontally underneath the machine, sharing the same floor space with the test head. It offers manual or automated input/output for both tubes and trays. The 1000 Series provides a 0.9-second index time and throughput up to 1,600 UPH.

Changeover time is less than 15 minutes with no adjustments needed. A Microsoft® Windows™ user interface offers simple, intuitive screens for machine control, setup and diagnostics.

The handler accommodates device sizes from 8-pin SSOPs to 3.5″ square. The 1000 Series can test from -60° to +160°C. Advantek Inc., (612) 938-6800.


Copyright 1995 Nelson Publishing Inc.

September 1995


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