Module Combines Computer and VXI Controller

The V150 is a single-width C-size VXIbus module that combines a 68040- or 68060-based computer with a VXI Slot-0 controller. Strap options allow you to use it as a stand-alone processor board in non-Slot-0 applications.

The module may contain up to 16 Mbytes of 70-ns page-mode DRAM, up to 512 kbytes of EPROM and up to 1 Mbyte of flash memory. It has a real-time clock with 10-ms resolution and three 32-bit counters/timers with 62.5-ns resolution.

The V150 uses the Wind River Systems VxWorks® run-time kernel that integrates support for POSIX, ANSI C and UNIX-based hosts with tools suitable for real-time code development. The host connection is through an Ethernet link using the TCP/IP protocol. Starts at $7,450. KineticSystems, (800) DATA-NOW.

Copyright 1996 Nelson Publishing Inc.

December 1996

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