VXI Mainframe Has High-Output Power Supply

The VXI-1500 is a new C-size, 13-slot mainframe with a high-output power supply. It fully complies with the VXIbus Specification Revision 1.4 and the VPP-8 VXIplug&play Systems Alliance Specification.

The VXI-1500 can be used for benchtop applications or mounted in a standard 19″ instrument cabinet. It supplies up to 1,420 W with 220 VAC or 1,100 W with 110 VAC to deliver more than 80 A at 5.0 V. A push-reset circuit breaker manages over-current protection..

Power-supply voltages can be monitored remotely through a 25-pin connector. The VXI-1500 meets FCC Class B requirements and CE and UL standards. $5,295. National Instruments, (800) 258-7022.


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May 1997


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