Scope/Recorder Features Color Display

The Integra 20 Four-Channel Digital Oscilloscope/Transient Recorder combines 12-bit digitizers with a color display and high-resolution analysis capabilities. It provides direct-to-hard disk recording speeds of up to 100 kS/s for up to 40 minutes of continuous acquisition.

The acquisition modes include multi-shot for quick storage and recall of past sweeps and autocycle for automatic capture and storage of waveforms to disk. Real-time data analysis performs parametric calculations such as rise time, fall time, frequency, period, duty cycle, pulse width, overshoot, undershoot, peak-to-peak, area, rms, voltage and time.

True dual time bases offer slow-fast-slow acquisition and independent sampled data sets with time correlation. Data can be written directly to an integrated thermal writer. $11,500. Nicolet Instrument Technologies, (608) 276-5600.

Copyright 1997 Nelson Publishing Inc.

May 1997


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