DSOs Tackle Communications Applications

The five scopes in the new TDS 700C and TDS 500C family of InstaVu™ DSOs are available in two- and four-channel models. They offer up to a 4-GS/s real-time rate, a waveform capture rate of up to 400,000 acquisitions per second, up to 8 MB record length, and a maximum bandwidth of 1 GHz.

An optional Communications Signal Analyzer package assists in designing products with communications interfaces, such as switches, routers, and videoconferencing equipment. The DSOs also provide capabilities for communications mask testing. Thirty-nine automatic telecom and datacom masks are included. Statistical tools help analyze communications signal behavior, such as measurement statistics and waveform histograms. $9,295 to $31,195. Tektronix, (800) 426-2200, press 3, code 1010.

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June 1997


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