System Solves Temperature-Variation Problems

The High-Power Burn-In System applies controlled heat directly to each DUT through heat sinks. It controls the die temperature of devices up to 50 W throughout testing, and provides simultaneous parallel dynamic testing of up to 768 VLSI devices from 70°C to 150°C.

The system sets the temperature of each DUT through Windows-based multitasking software. Diagnostic software also is included.

Features of the system include 128 I/Os per device, up to 4M vector memory, a 32-burn-in board capacity, timing on the fly, multiple pattern zones, a 4k-deep error log in real time, and a 5-MHz system rep rate. Starts at $500,000. Micro Control, (612) 786-8750.

Copyright 1997 Nelson Publishing Inc.

July 1997


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