System Tests High Pin-Count VLSI

The ValStar 2000 Test System addresses the volume production testing of high pin-count VLSI devices. It provides a 3-Gb scan memory and a device power supply featuring high-speed IDDQ measurement capabilities. Applications include microprocessors, advanced chip sets, ASICs, and FPGAs.

The ValStar offers up to 1,024 I/O pins and occupies less than 4 m2 of floor space. The low-power, stabilized CMOS technology allows test electronics to be embedded within the test head, eliminating high-speed cables. The multisite test capability accommodates up to 16 devices in parallel. The AGILE™ graphical software helps develop test programs and debugging procedures. 1,024-pin: $3.6 million. Credence Systems, (510) 657-7400.

Copyright 1997 Nelson Publishing Inc.

October 1997


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