Multicore Test Tool Enables Design Reuse

CTIntegrator™ is front-end design-for-test (DFT) software that integrates multiple core test methodologies in a system-on-a-chip design by using test synthesis and test-pattern management. Test synthesis provides chip-level access and isolation to cores, using a mix of DFT methodologies such as built-in self-test, full scan, partial scan, and boundary scan. Test-pattern management integrates each core’s test-vector set to develop a composite chip-level test pattern set.

CTIntegrator uses a core’s existing test patterns and fault coverage by establishing a system-wide test access and test bus architecture described in VHDL or Verilog. This provides the mechanisms to enable test-vector reuse through structures such as multiplexed I/O, boundary scan, scan register rings, and constrained core inputs. $30,000 per set. Mentor Graphics, (503) 685-7000.

Copyright 1998 Nelson Publishing Inc.

February 1998

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