System Delivers Single-Pass 1-Gb/s RAM Testing

The ARIES RAM Test Platform operates at data rates to 1.0 Gb/s while testing up to 16 devices in parallel. It checks devices such as Direct Rambus™ DRAMs, SLDRAMs, and fast SSRAMs. It leverages technologies developed for the company’s Marlin Memory Test Platform and J973 Logic Test Systems.

ARIES provides algorithmic testing at speed, a suite of silicon debug tools, and the RA/Plus™ Redundancy Analyzer that finds every repairable die. The platform features an 800-MHz maximum clock rate, ±50 ps edge-placement timing, 512 separate I/O channels (fly-by configuration) and 1,024 total I/O, and a logic pattern generator capacity for up to 16 M vectors. Starts at $1.3 million. Teradyne, (818) 991-2900.

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March 1998


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