The Future Is the Focus of IEST Meeting

“Today’s Training for Tomorrow’s World” is the theme of the 45th Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) Annual Technical Meeting (ATM) to be held May 2-7 at the Convention Center in Ontario, CA. The agenda includes technical programs, interactive tutorial and fundamental sessions, poster presentations, and a product exhibition.

Activity gets underway with tutorials on Sunday and Monday, May 2-3. The topics will focus on contamination control (CC) and design, test, and evaluation (DTE) and product reliability (PR). CC fundamentals sessions will be held Monday and the DTE/PR fundamentals will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, May 4-6.

The Technical Sessions will begin on Tuesday and continue through Thursday. The CC program will include presentations on wafer processing, clean-room operations, airborne molecular contamination, and the new ISO standards.

This year, the DTE/PR programs are combined to minimize the overlap of complementary topics. Papers will address topics such as environmental stress screening, multiple shaker control, and using the internet to enhance chamber performance. A new interactive workshop on tuning environmental chambers and a panel discussion of vibration screen methodologies are on the schedule.

Rounding out the list of activities is the ATM Exposition, a showcase of products and services. It will be open on Tuesday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For more information about attending the ATM, contact IEST at (847) 255-1561 or For a preview of the exposition, here are some of the products that will be introduced at the IEST ATM.

New Product Preview

Shaker Control System

The 16-channel DSP Dual Shaker Control System limits and monitors vibration at many positions on test articles such as satellites, airframes, military electronic modules, automobiles, and telecommunications electronics. Any of the channels can be used for multipoint control. As a safety feature, the real-time processing architecture handles the control loop independently of the PC processor. The unit uses 24-bit inputs and outputs and multiple 60-MHz DSP processors with a PCI bus interface to provide fast loop times. It offers 120 dB dynamic range for FFT mode analysis of input signals, 95 dB for closed-loop random control, and 100 dB for closed-loop swept sine control. Dactron, (408) 934-9160.

Squeak and Rattle Testing

The SignalCalc 550 Shaker Control System uses ActiveX technology to adapt to the specialized requirements of squeak and rattle testing. A notebook PC acts as a real-time remote command center to optimize sine sweep parameters. The notebook connects to SignalCalc 550 via a wireless LAN and allows the operator to command the controller located outside the test chamber and identify critical frequencies causing squeaks and rattles. Data Physics, (408) 371-7100.

Test Chambers

The SE-Series Environmental Test Chambers now incorporate larger compressors to provide rapid temperature change rates. The high-volume air distribution system reduces gradients, and the modular humidity system, including a water tank and electronic sensor, adapts to evolving test needs. The chambers feature the 7800 Programmer/Controller with capabilities to graph, datalog, edit and offer on-screen help. Test data can be logged and imported into many spreadsheet or data-base programs. A new product fixture cart has been developed to improve material handling and throughput. Thermotron Industries, (616) 393-4580.

Vibration Monitor

The Model 620B Vibration Protector-Monitor provides independent shutdown protection for test specimens and vibration systems. It accepts charge or voltage-mode accelerometer signals and processes the signals to provide digital display of acceleration, velocity, or displacement. Maximum displacement abort limits are independently set for the overtest and undertest shutdown limits that are selectable in nine steps from 1 to 6 dB. An abort testing signal initiates a transient-free shutdown of the vibration system and activates two auxiliary shutdown relays. Trig-Tek, (714) 956-3593.

Chambers and Controllers

The latest version of the Z Series Chambers is equipped with an F4 Controller and a redundant high/low limit. The Z Series features microprocessor programmable instrumentation, RS-232 and RS-422 communications, an access port, casters, and a fog-free, wiperless window. Cascade refrigeration ranges from -90°F to +375°F. Single-stage operation is -35°F to +375°F. Controller upgrades also are available. Cincinnati Sub-Zero, (513) 772-8810.

Sine Reduction System

The Online Sine Reduction System is the first in a new generation of CADA-X products for structural integrity testing and analysis. It features high channel counts, integrated signal conditioning, integrated transducer data-base support, distributed DSPs, and high-speed, real-time processing. An interface provides workbooks that can lead you through a predefined work flow, customizable without any programming. LMS North America, (248) 952-5664.

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April 1999


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