Vibration System Displays Results in Real-Time

JAGUAR is a workstation-based, distributed-process solution for structural, acoustic, and closed-loop vibration control. It controls the shaker tables that simulate vibration stress, takes measurements from the object under test, and displays results such as transfer functions and power spectral densities in real-time.

JAGUAR incorporates VME/VXI architecture and 100Base-T Ethernet communications. Sample rates are adjustable up to 100 kS/s and as low as 25 S/s. As many as 98 measurement channels are available per acquisition/control peripheral (ACP). Phase shift is no more than 1° at any frequency from 0.00001 Hz to 20 kHz and no more than 2° from 20 kHz to 40 kHz. Smart cards carry calibration information for reconfiguring systems and ACPs. The system accommodates as many as seven throughput disks per ACP. 8-channel system: <$45,000. Spectral Dynamics, (800) 358-7654.

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May 1999



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