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Boundary Scan Controller Powered by USB

The JTAGTEST?? JT 3710/USB DataBlaster?? Boundary Scan Controller supports both portable and desktop test, and flash in-system programming (ISP) applications. To accommodate high data rates and lengthy vectors, it uses the company??s proprietary chipset for real-time data decompression, high-speed test access port (TAP) drivers, and AutoWrite?? to boost JTAG-based flash ISP performance. A high-capacity memory is incorporated for local ISP data storage.

The controller provides sustained data rates of 25 Mb/s per channel, programmable clock speeds in steps of 100 kHz from 100 kHz to 25 MHz, 32-Mb flash image data memory, gang programming of up to four targets, plug-and-play compatibility and hot insertion/connection to the USB, and a 12-Mb/s USB interface.

When linked to a notebook PC for portable or benchtop applications, TAP signals can be accessed via four 20-pin 0.05″ connectors on the tester front panel. For applications requiring remote access to the target boards, the USB module is connected to a four-port active pod via a cable of up to 4 meters long. $8,000 to $8,500. JTAG Technologies B.V., (425) 898-8968.

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