Ready for the Upturn

The economic downturn we have been experiencing these past couple of years has spread its tentacles far and wide, impacting a host of industries from consumer retail to technology. With the electronics sector struggling through its longest slump ever, businesses closely aligned with semiconductor fabrication, assembly, and test have been particularly hard hit. One example is the ESD industry.

As gate counts climb well into the millions and more functionality is crammed into smaller packages, the need to protect new-generation ICs from ESD becomes extremely important. This should be good news for the ESD industry. Protecting static-sensitive devices during the IC production process requires all types of ESD-control products and related test equipment.

However, this is not the case. With the semiconductor industry sitting in the doldrums, the need for companies to buy new ESD products and equipment is not a priority. Electronics manufacturers are postponing ESD-related purchases until their business improves.

In spite of these circumstances, ESD companies, like many others in the electronics industry, have not been idle. Many have directed more dollars into new product development. When this industry turns around, these companies will have the products and equipment to meet the ESD-control requirements of the new devices.

This year’s ESD Product Showcase features a number of these product developments designed for a variety of ESD-control applications. The breadth of products includes PCB containers, flooring systems, continuous workstation monitors, cleaners, packaging materials, chairs, charge decay testers, workbenches, and ionizing guns to name a few. Enter the rsleads URL at the end of the product description to obtain more information directly from the manufacturer’s website.

ESD Products

Continuous Monitors

The Jewel® Workstation Continuous Mini Monitors offering real-time checks of wrist straps, mat, and cords come in five translucent colors: sapphire, ruby, topaz, emerald, and amethyst. The NIST-calibrated monitors operate with a wave-distortion technology that provides 100% monitoring and no false alarms. They can be used with any single-wire wrist strap and cord, measure 2.1″ × 2.8″ × 0.8″, and snap into sockets on the worksurface mat. The monitors are designed for use by personnel ranging from 5′ tall and 90 lb to 6’5″ and 250 lb. Desco,

Static Eliminator

The 3″ Super Ion Air Knife removes static electricity from plastics, webs, and printed materials by providing a sheet of air to sweep clean particles, dust, and dirt up to 20′ away. It produces a laminar sheet of airflow that floods an area with static-eliminating ions. The force of the air knife can be adjusted and requires <1 scfm of compressed air at 5 psig. The sound level is 50 dB. Many lengths up to 48" are available from stock. EXAIR,

Discharge Modules

Discharge modules for the dito ESD Generator from EM Test fulfill the discharge current specification of IEC 61000-4-2 draft 2. Using special mechanical construction, the generator limits the radiated fields to similar values as measured for real human discharges. Because of the field reduction provided by using the module, the position of the discharge unit in relation to the DUT has very little influence. Amplifier Research,

Heavy-Duty Seating

The BEVCO® 9000 Series Chairs come in a variety of ESD fabric and ESD vinyl color choices that meet NFPA conductivity standards. They feature large waterfall seats, a choice of large back sizes, seat-back tilt and optional arm adjustability, and heavy-duty construction. The chairs are height adjustable with models from 17″ to 33″. Bevco Precision Manufacturing,

Flooring Systems

The Electro-Flor Series consists of three systems: Electro-Flor 100, a 100% solids epoxy, high-gloss, durable flooring; Electro-Flor CRU, a chemical-resistant urethane flooring that is high gloss, UV stable, and suitable for aerospace applications; and Electro-Flor W, a water-based epoxy that creates a matte finish and can be applied to floors, walls, and ceilings. The Electro-Flor Series, available in either a static-dissipative or a conductive range, meets ESD/ANSI 7.1, NFPA 99, and ASTM F-150. Crossfield Products,

Simulator System

The NSG 438 ESD Simulator generates standard-compliant discharge pulses of 200 V to 30 kV in both air and contact discharge operations. Preprogrammed settings for IEC/EN 61000-4-2 and ISO 10605 ensure that current standard settings including the appropriate discharge network are made automatically. Other combinations of standard settings can be downloaded via the unit’s PC interface. The modular, pistol-shaped simulator features a display that constantly shows current operating conditions. Schaffner EMC,

Packaging Material

ES 770™ coated copolyester incorporates the corrosion protection properties of Corrosion Intercept® into a thermoformable material with ESD control properties. The material is clean-room safe, humidity independent, permanently static dissipative, and recyclable in the copolyester regrind system. It will not slough and provides passive mildew protection. GOEX,

ESD Simulator

PESD 3010 is a modular, 30-kV, hand-held ESD simulator that addresses the requirements of IEC/EN 61000-4-2, ISO/TR 10505, and MIL-STD-464, -331B, and -1542b. It accommodates capacitor modules from 50 pF to 1,000 pF and resistor modules from 50 W to 5,000 W. Features include a clear display with a backlit function, an automatic EUT contact detection mode, a trigger to enable or synchronize discharge events, and a lightweight pistol design. Hipotronics, Haefely EMC Division,

Adjustable Workbench

The SturdiKwik™ Workbench, a flexible unit that assembles easily and quickly, features options to reduce ESD events. The worksurfaces come in six widths from 24″ to 72″ and depths of 30″ and 36″. The 13″, 16″, and 19″ deep shelves have a 400 lb/shelf load rating and tilting capabilities. An overhead trolley suspension is incorporated in the design. Kewaunee Technical Furniture Group,

Ionizing Gun

The P-2021-2432 Clean Room Ionizing Gun is suitable for Class 100 or less clean rooms and can be used with compressed air or nitrogen. The gun does not require a high-voltage power supply and is always on, eliminating possible operator errors. No adjustments or calibration are required, and periodic maintenance includes replacement of the air filter and annual replacement of the ionizing cartridge. A built-in hook in the handle accommodates storage of the gun. NRD,

Ionizing Air Nozzle

The orION Ionizing Air Nozzle features high blow-off force and balance stability of <±15 V. A replaceable 0.01-micron particle filter is positioned at the nozzle air exit. Options include the Sidekick flexible neck stand and a foot switch to activate the nozzle. The switch activates both airflow and power to the ion emitter assembly. The compact nozzle can be used in fixed applications in the telecommunications, consumer electronics, semiconductor, and medical-device manufacturing industries. Simco Industrial Static Control,

Configurable Workstation

Arlink® Series 8000 Workstation Systems are available with static-dissipative (106 W to 109 W) laminate and can be configured in six industry-standard widths and five different heights up to 84″. All static-protective surfaces come with a worksurface grounding kit consisting of an 8′ cord with a 1-MW resistor. Other ESD offerings include a dual wrist-strap receptacle, a common-point ground block, a 6′ coiled cord wrist strap, and ESD mat kits with a two-layer rubber mat or a three-layer vinyl mat, a wrist strap, and a dual receptacle. Lista International,

Combination Tester

The CT-2000 Wrist-Strap and Footwear Tester includes a yellow wall-mount sign and a stainless steel footplate. The tester operates on a 9-V battery with pass test limits between 800 kW and 10 MW. Static Technologies,

Floor Finish

Ohm-Stat™ AF-6500 is a buffable and non-ionic surfactant floor finish. It can be used in high-traffic areas and clean rooms where outgassing is regulated. Static Solutions,

Tray Cart System

The 20-station tray cart system to protect a range of ESD-sensitive PCBs and assemblies includes a cart, trays, and inlays. The trays feature a permanent static-dissipative elastomer inlay material to cushion and protect the boards and assemblies. The 26″ × 18″ × 1″ trays meet the ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard. The elastomer cushion material resists tears, cuts, and damage from leaded components. Molded Fiber Glass

Shelf Grounders

The ESD Clip™ electrically connects a wire shelf to a shelf post to reduce the ESD risks caused by ungrounded shelving. They install without tools on fully assembled and loaded shelving and provide visual indication that the shelves are grounded. One or more clips can be mounted per shelf and the entire unit grounded to a common ground by using metal feet, a grounding chain, ESD wheels, or other suitable method. The clip fits several lines of adjustable shelving. Static Dynamics,

Circuit Board Shippers

Circuit Board Shippers consist of a buried conductive layer of corrugated fiberboard with static-dissipative surfaces. The interior is convoluted static-dissipative foam. The shippers provide physical and ESD protection and eliminate the use of shielding bags. Many standard and custom sizes and foam configurations are available. Protektive Pak,

Polymer System

A static-controlled polymer system called Nova Electrostatic Technology™ consists of refined and compounded resins for injection molding, thermoforming, and extrusion applications using polypropylene, styrene, or ethylene plastic materials. The technology features infinite color options and adjustable permanent ESD control characteristics without the use of carbon or graphite. It processes easily in existing tooling and is machinable from extruded stock. Prostat,

Cross-Linked Foam

PLASTAZOTE SD is a static-dissipative, closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam available in plank form. The permanently conductive and nonparticulating material maintains its properties after forming. Surface resistivity is 107 W/sq. Zotefoams USA,

Polyimide Label Material

XF 562, a white, semigloss, 2-mil polyimide label material, generates <25 V/sq in. when peeled from its liner and placed on PCBs. Surface resistivity of a label when placed on a board or component is on the order of 109 W. The labels resist chemicals and high temperatures including direct contact with wave-soldering processes. They are stiff enough for automatic application by print-and-apply equipment. Polyonics,

Conductive Elastomer

PRESEAL™ is a conductive elastomer offering resistivity of <10-2 W-cm, <103 W-cm, and <106 to 109 W-cm. The recyclable PRESEAL compounds are injection moldable and can be used in overmolding. PRESEAL products currently are based on an SEBS thermoplastic elastomer, and other thermoplastic elastomer systems such as olefinic elastomers and polyurethanes will be available soon. Premix Thermoplastics,

Dissipative Compounds

The Polystat 500 family of static-dissipative compounds for plastics is both surface and volume dissipative in the 108 to 1010 W range. They are available as natural compounds and master batches in polypropylene, polyethylene, polyesters, vinyl, styrene, and other thermal plastics systems. Polystat plastics may be injection molded, extruded, and film blown using conventional equipment and processing temperatures. The easily colored polystats do not contain additives and have low out-gassing. ACL/Staticide,

PCB Containers

The Saverbox is an ESD-protected, cushioned PCB container that meets the ETSI standard for external pallet transportation over 100 kg. It consists of an inside rack module with corner and middle shock absorbers made of antistatic Ethafoam and conductive polyethylene foam. The thickness and area of the progressive shock absorbers depend upon the variable weight of individual PCBs. The Saverbox comes in a conductive ESD box or an aluminum case and with yellow dissipative partitions. Berako AB,

Bar-Code Scanner

The ESD Cleanscan™ Bar-Code Scanner, certified for Class 100 clean rooms and manufacturing environments, is rated and tested following the ASTM-D (ESD S11.11) methods to discharge <20 V maximum. The average discharge time from 100 V to 106 W/sq to 109 W/sq. The unit, featuring a bidirectional scanner and a conductive slough-resistant casing, comes in multiple configurations. Codestar Electronics,

Charge Suppressor

The 0603 SURGX® Suppressor protects electronic devices and PCs from circuit damage and loss of data. It meets testing requirements outlined in IEC 61000-4-2, has low leakage current and fast response time, and is bidirectional and surface-mounted. The chips are available in small, single-, and multi-line array formats in footprints as small as 60 × 30 mils. They only activate when subjected to an ESD pulse and have a capacitance of 0.25 pF to 0.15 pF and a low noise level. Cooper Electronic Technologies,

Surface Cleaner

Restorze™ cleans mats, electronic instrumentation, medical equipment, computer monitors, and keyboards. The static-dissipative solution does not contain silicone or leave isolative residue. The low-volatility formula is compatible with most clean-room specs and does not contain alcohol to dry out mats. The cleaner comes in 16-oz and 32-oz spray bottles and as Static-Wipes. ESD Systems,

Fluoropolymer With Nanotubes

A new family of conductive thermoplastic fluoropolymer master batches and compounds containing FIBRIL™ nanotubes has been developed for uses requiring ESD control combined with chemical resistance, high barrier to chemical permeation, inherent lubricity, and resistance to sloughing. The first offerings include ethylene tetrafluoroethylene and polyvinylidene fluoride. The nanotubes, which confer electrical conductivity at very low rates, are 10-nm to 12-nm in diameter and 10-µm to 15-µm long. Hyperion Catalysis International,

Shoe Chip

Static charges that build up on a worker can be channeled into the flooring using ESD Chip-Tec™ technology. Embedded into the sole of each shoe, the chip ensures <106 W resistances without regard to temperature, humidity, or physical characteristics of the user. The chip technology is available in select styles including men’s insulated hikers, safety-toed work shoes, and athletic shoes and women’s hiker boots and athletic and casual shoes. Iron Age,

Charge Decay Tester

The JCI 155v5 Charge Decay Test Unit uses a high-voltage corona discharge to deposit a patch of charge on the surface of the material to be tested. A fast-response electrostatic fieldmeter measures the voltage generated by this charge as well as how quickly the voltage falls as the charge migrates away. The 155v5 features a 45-mm × 54-mm test aperture in the base plate that rests directly on a test surface. Using an integral microprocessor, all basic analysis, display, and storage of observations are carried out by software within the instrument. John Chubb Instrumentation,

Field-Service Vacuum

The Menda® Omega Vac is a self-contained, portable, lightweight machine with a static-dissipative hose, a 16″ gooseneck, a crevice tool, and a brush for use in field-service applications. An internal ground wire in the flexible hose and enclosure eliminates static charge generation from the utensils. The vacuum features a sound baffle construction to reduce noise and a 0.3-micron filter for cleaning electronic and lab equipment. Menda,

D-Subminiature Caps

A line of plastic caps to provide ESD protection for D-subminiature connectors features a flanged top for easy placement and removal. The series is available in 10 configurations to fit socket and pin ends of standard connector sizes. The DS-Q1 black conductive polyethylene caps and the DS-Q2 pink static dissipative polyethylene caps meet the static decay requirements of MIL-B-81705D. The DS-Q3 dark-green caps made from inherently conductive polymer address the requirements of M5501/32. Niagara Caps & Plugs,

Digital Monitor

The Series 350 Workstation and Process Equipment Monitor is a modular platform supplying real-time ESC/ESD and process environment monitoring. Plug-in modules available for the system include digital I/O communications to the company’s Process Environment Monitoring System and multiplexing software, standard dual-wire body voltage monitoring, current monitoring, and dual-channel ground resistance monitoring. The single-wire current detection does not require applied voltage on the operator and offers the capability to set lower ESD voltage control limits. Novx,

Trays and Carts

Fiberglass static-dissipative assembly trays and carts are designed to store and transport circuit boards and other electronic components. The units resist abrasion and chemicals, withstand a temperature range from -60°F to 250°F, can be cleaned in steam or water, and feature a dual-layer static-dissipative mat that eliminates product shift. The 30″ × 18″ carts come in 60″ or 70″ heights and hold up to 30 trays. They have a drag chain that transfers charge to the floor; conductive casters are optional. All carts include TR2618-1 static-dissipative trays. LEWISBins+,

Static Monitors

Two monitors ground workers and record ESD events in real time, supplying data for tracking operator efficiency, product reliability, and documentation for ISO 9000 compliance and ANSI/ESD S20.20. The 791W Voltage Wrist Strap Monitor accommodates two dual-conductor wrist straps that plug into two separate remotes. It provides simultaneous, continuous monitoring of two operators by comparing the voltage on them to one of four selected internal voltage levels. The 791E Equipment Ground Monitor has three channels to continuously measure the ground connections of manufacturing equipment and ESD worksurfaces. It monitors 1-W to 35-MW resistance. 3M Electronic and Interconnect Solutions Division,

Pliers and Cutters

A line of tools features static-dissipative, ergonomic, two-component handles with nonslip, soft-grip surfaces. Cutters are available in 26 styles including tapered, wide tapered, slim oval, and wide oval heads and oblique- angled cutters and end cutters providing beveled, semiflush, flush, and full-flush cuts. Pliers come short snip, regular snip, long needle, bent needle, short round, and short flat noses with smooth or serrated jaw styles. Wiha Quality Tools,

PCB Carriers

The FLEXCELL® PCB Carrier/Protector units, now featuring an economical frame made of four pieces rather than one, are flexible, static-dissipative suspension cells custom-made to drop into existing conductive or antistat totes. Lightweight, extruded aluminum frames with captive aluminum sliding-cell support bars come in sizes to fit any tote box including stackable totes. Units suspend PCBs at least ¼” above the bottom of a tote to protect them from ESD, shock, and vibration. Options include a FLEXCOVER with a documentation pouch, conductive VELCRO® latches, and slip-in dividers to section cells for smaller PCBs. Kenflex,

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