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As we start the new year, I'd like to give our readers a look at some of the interesting things you can expect from EE in the coming months. No, we are not changing the editorial focus of EE. As the pioneering test magazine, you will continue to find the same kind of in-depth, technical features that you have seen and read in past issues of EE. But this year we are offering a few more online opportunities hopefully to help you perform your job better and stay informed on happenings in the industry.

How would you like to attend a trade show from the comfort of your own office? How would you like to see product demonstrations and technical presentations while at this trade show? How would you like to talk with a live person who can answer your technical questions during the show? And never once leave your office. I'm sure the financial people in your company would welcome such an event to curb expensive travel and hotel costs.

On the drawing board is a series of virtual trade shows that EE will offer to our subscribers. Invited companies exhibiting at the shows will be major players in the test industry. You will be able to see product demonstrations, hear technical presentations, and ask questions of the technical gurus while seated in front of your computer. I'll provide more details as the pieces fall into place.

We will be continuing our series of Instrumentation Test Reports this year in January, March, and September. The test reports will be e-mailed to subscribers who buy or specify instrumentation products such as scopes, DMMs, generators, and data acquisition products to name a few.

In addition to the Instrumentation Test Report, we are introducing two new reports for 2009—the ATE Test Report in May and the EMC Test Report in July. The ATE Test Report will be e-mailed to our subscribers who are responsible for the acquisition of automated test systems for their companies. Readers involved with board testers, handlers, IC testers, and wafer probers will receive this report. In July, buyers and specifiers of EMC test equipment will have a first-hand look at some of the products to be introduced at the EMC Symposium in August when they view the EMC Test Report.

Each test report is populated with three in-depth, technical features that have not previously appeared anywhere, either in print or online. These articles have been selected because of their relevancy and timeliness for the particular industry they serve. Accompanying these features are a number of recently introduced products from several companies with a live link to each company's website. You can subscribe to these test reports at

You probably know that EE is available in a digital format. The digital edition looks exactly like the printed magazine and is accessible from a monthly e-mail sent to each subscriber. Besides arriving at your computer much sooner than you would receive the printed magazine, the digital edition can display thumbnails of the individual pages, bookmark a particular page, add a sticky note to a story, and more. You can subscribe to the digital edition from our website. Just click on the digital edition icon to view a sample issue. Your subscription just might help save our planet.

Paul Milo
Editorial Director
[email protected]

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