Adapters Allow Tighter Pitch Devices on Existing Designs

The line of BGA Switch-A-Pitch Adapters now includes models with tops where the BGA landing pads are on a 0.40-mm pitch and adapter bottoms are populated with BGA balls on a 1.27-mm pitch. The design eliminates the need for laser-drilled microvias on motherboards. Standard line and trace spacing down to 0.003” can be used.

The adapters are 0.062” thick FR4 or Rogers 370 HR with ½-oz copper traces on both sides. The nonsolder mask defined pads are finished with electroless nickel immersion gold and have solder spheres of 63/37 lead/tin or of lead-free SAC305 alloy. The devices operate up to 221°F for FR4 or up to 266°F for lead-free. Switch-A-Pitch adapters are custom made to customer requirements.

Aries Electronics

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