High-Speed DAQ Boards Have Deep On-Board Memory

The AD8-3000 Data Acquisition Board Series performs uninterrupted acquisition of two concurrent 3-GS/s 8-bit A/D channels. When installed in any x16 PCIe slot, the AD8-3000 can acquire data at an aggregate rate up to 6 GB/s, optionally process it in the on-board Virtex-5™ FPGA, buffer it in the 8-GB on-board DDR-II RAM, and continuously stream the data via 1.4-GB/s PCIe x8 DMA transfers to host system RAM for immediate use, graphical display, or storage to disk.

Drivers, user software, and example user source code are supplied for 64-bit Linux and 32-bit Vista/XP. The boards support 500-MHz to 1,500-MHz external clocks and a 2-GS/s internal clock. Multiple, concurrently triggered AD8-3000s may be ganged to acquire multiple channels in lock step.



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