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Power Supply Adopts Switching + Linear System

The PBZ Series Bipolar Power Supply with a built-in arbitrary waveform generator is available in two models: the PBS20-20 (±20 V/±20A) and the PBZ40-10 (±40 V/±10 A). The PBZ signal-generator function creates waveforms from DC to 100 kHz in the CV mode and sequences. Ripple is 2-mVrms and noise 20-m Vpk-pk in the CV mode.

Operation covers four quadrants so power can be both supplied and absorbed. The PBZ also drives inductive or capacitive loads, is capable of synchronized operation, and can be expanded through master-slave parallel operation. Sixteen types of arbitrary waveforms are available as well as sine, square, and triangle. In the unipolar mode, the PBZ can run at the full rated power of 400 W.

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