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Modular Suite Addresses Mixed-Signal Chip Test

The NI PXI Semiconductor Suite features 10 new products for mixed-signal semiconductor testing: The PXIe-654x family of HSDIO instruments includes four modules with single-ended clock rates up to 200 MHz and data rates up to 400 Mb/s. The PXI-4132 Source Measure Unit delivers current sensitivity down to 10 pA and remote sensing and external guarding on a single output to provide up to ±100-V capability in one PXI slot.

The PXI-2515 and PXIe-2515 Digital Switches help multiplex precision DC instrumentation directly onto HSDIO lines connected to the chip under test. The PXIe-5663E and PXIe-5673E 6.6-GHz RF PXI Express Vector Signal Analyzer and Vector Signal Generator offer RF List Mode for downloading preconfigured instrument parameters to rapidly cycle through different configurations.

The TSSI TD-Scan for NI software, a collaboration between NI and Test Systems Strategies, imports Waveform Generation Language (WGL) and IEEE 1450 Standard Test Interface Language (STIL) simulation vectors into PXI systems.

National Instruments


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