Switch Module Multiplexes up to 576 Channels

EX1200-3096 is a 96-channel multiplexer that scans multiple points to a common bus and supports thermocouple, RTD, and thermistor measurements. It consists of dual (1×48) two-wire multiplexer banks. Each bank can be interconnected within a module under program control via busing relays and across modules via the EX1200 analog bus to configure larger multiplexers as required. It can also be used as a system switch and handshake with external devices through LXI LAN messages or the hardware trigger bus.

Up to 576 two-wire or 288 four-wire channels can be accommodated in a single EX1200 full-rack mainframe for maximum density or mixed and matched with other EX1200 plug-ins for flexibility. All relays can hot switch up to 100 V and 1 A.

Internal residual voltage discharge relays can be enabled to momentarily short out the measurement path when changing from one input channel to the next. An optional terminal block provides screw termination points for external field wiring and includes a cold junction compensation reference.

VTI Instruments

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