Ar Rf

Radiant Arrow/Log Periodic Antenna

The Model ATR26M6G-1 is a 26-MHz to 6-GHz, 5,000-W wideband, high-gain radiant arrow/log periodic antenna with the proprietary bent-element design. The 2.18-meter overall width antenna features a rugged design to handle outdoor use, accommodates the power levels necessary to generate significant E-fields, and can be calibrated for RF emissions testing. The antenna comes with a wall bracket but can be mounted in two perpendicular planes with the AP5010B positioner or on the TP1000BM3 tripod with a ballast tray. Included are two nonmetallic masts, four feet and six feet for vertical mounting. The ATR26M6G-1 allows polarization change without removing the antenna from its positioner.


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