Data Translation

Module provides high-speed instantaneous sampling

The Simultaneous Series DT9836S is an isolated high-speed USB module providing six coincident analog inputs with up to an 800 kS/s sampling rate per channel. Each of the six 16-bit analog input channels has its own A/D converter which eliminates phase shift between channels. As a result, the DT9836S can correlate measurements instantly.

The module supports an effective number of bits rating of 14.4 bits and an SFDR of 95 dB and synchronous operation of all subsystems at 36 MHz. It features 32 (16 in, 16 out) digital I/O for time stamping, pattern recognition, and synchronizing external events and two 32-bit counter/timers. Three quadrature decoders handle X/Y positioning and rotation, and independent clocks and triggers offer maximum timing flexibility.

Data Translation


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