Multi-DUT probe card targets nonmemory devices

The MEMS-based Mx-FinePitch (Mx-FP) Probe Card addresses the ultra-fine-pitch testing needs of SOC and logic devices. Built for multi-DUT testing in high-volume production environments, the customizable card does not require probe positioning adjustments throughout its lifetime.

The Mx-FP delivers fine-pitch probing, scalable down to 40 µm in-line and 20 µm/40 µm staggered layouts. It features maximum pad layout flexibility with minimal design-rule restrictions and in-die core pads and multirow pad accessibility. Low contact force makes it suitable for probing above active circuitry and testing devices incorporating low-k materials.

The MEMS probes are replaceable, and a small scrub area offers die-size reduction opportunities for pad-limited devices.



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