Ee 2011 02 Pauls Picks Scopes Feature

Scopes feature four windows split-display mode

The GDS-3000 Digital Storage ­Oscilloscopes support 5-GS/s sampling and feature Visual Persistence Oscilloscope technology which enhances the performance of multi-gray-scale waveform displays. The series provides a 100-GS/s equivalent-time sampling rate and trigger functions including video, pulse width, runt, rise and fall time, alternate, delay by time, delay by event, and hold-off.

The scopes are available with 150-, 250-, or 350-MHz bandwidths with two or four analog channels and independent 25-kpoint record length for each channel. The waveform update rate is 3,000 screens/s.

All models are equipped with an 8-inch LCD with SVGA resolution and RS-232, LAN, VGA, USB, and device ports. PictBridge is built-in for direct print with a certified printer. FreeWave bundled software connects the oscilloscope to a PC for remote control.

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