1104 P Picks200

Resolver and LVDT converter is cPCI and PXI compatible

The 3U cPCI- and PXI-compatible CP3000 Universal Synchro, Resolver, and LVDT Converter provides up to eight channels of individually transformer-isolated and individually programmable sensor input. It includes 3-wire selsyn or synchro format, 4-wire resolver (sine cosine) format, 2- or 3-wire LVDT/RVDT format, and both 2-wire linear digital demodulator or sine-weighted control transformer type format.

The CP3000 has autoranging inputs to accommodate 1 to 28 VAC signal inputs over a frequency range of 47 to10,000 Hz. Resolution is 16 bits on both the position and velocity/tachometer outputs, accuracy is better than 1 arc minute, and each channel dynamically tracks input rates of up to 152 rps.

The power input requires +5 and +3.3 VDC off the cPCI or PXI backplane. Software support consists of Windows- and Linux-compatible drivers. Computer Conversions

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