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Instrument provides choice of measurement mode

The Model 2651A System SourceMeter® sources or sinks up to 2,000 W of pulsed power or 200 W of DC power and measures signals as low as 1 pA and 100 µV at speeds up to 1 µs/reading. Pulse widths from 100 µs to DC and duty cycles from 1% to 100% are programmable, and the built-in trigger controller synchronizes the operation of all linked channels to within 500 ns.

The 2651A, expandable using TSP-Link® technology, provides digitizing or integrating measurement modes. The digitizing mode’s 18-bit A/D converters capture up to one million readings/s for waveform capture and transient measurement. The integrating mode, based on 22-bit A/D converters, optimizes the instrument’s accuracy and resolution.

TSP Express LXI-based I-V test software utility is embedded in the instrument.

Keithley ­Instruments

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