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Module acquires data at 10-MHz sampling speed

The DT9862 Module provides isolated, high-speed USB data acquisition at throughput rates up to 10 MHz. When two A/D channels are sampled simultaneously, both channels can acquire data at 10 MHz using burst sampling or at 5 MHz continuously. The USB 2.0 bus speed is optimized to >25 MB/s. Each analog input channel has a separate A/D converter eliminating phase shift between channels.

The module also features two optional 16-bit deglitched D/A channels; high-speed digital I/O lines for time stamping, pattern recognition, and synchronizing external events; two 32-bit counter/timers; three 32-bit quadrature decoders; flexible clock and trigger modes; ±500-V galvanic isolation; and software and drivers compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7. It can be installed in a metal connection box with SMA connectors or as a board-level OEM version.

Data Translation


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