Pickering Adds to Range of Fault Insertion PXI Modules

November 10, 2011. Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of over 20 PXI fault insertion solutions with the introduction of the 40-199. Fault insertion (FI) modules are used within an automatic test system to simulate common fault conditions such as an open, short to ground or a short to other connections in a device under test.

The 40-199 provides 10 fault insertion channels that can be connected to either (or both) of two fault bus connections. Each fault insertion channel can switch up to 125 VDC with powers up to 300 W or 250 VAC at up to 2500 VA. Each channel can carry and hot-switch 10 A. Both fault buses are rated at 20 A, enabling the support of two 10-A fault conditions from each one.

The 40-199 uses a switch design based around electro-mechanical relays and in addition to being supported in any PXI compliant chassis, it can be supported in Pickering Interfaces Modular LXI Chassis.

,Pickering Interfaces offers a range of fault insertion modules in the PXI format, allowing users to choose the size and rating of the fault insertion channels they need from 2 A to in excess of 30 A. All fault insertion modules are compatible with the most common real time operating systems.


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