2012 February Products

UMTS Band VIII and LTE Band 8 Analyzer*

Anritsu has introduced the MW8209A PIM Master™ Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Analyzer that covers the 900-MHz band to address the growing need to measure PIM in E-GSM networks, including UMTS Band VIII and LTE Band 8. Designed for use with Anritsu handheld analyzers, the MW8209A comes with the company’s Distance-to-PIM technology, which can determine if the cause of PIM is at the base station or in the surrounding environment. Field engineers and technicians can use the MW8209A to help ensure optimum performance of UMTS Band VIII and LTE Band 8 networks by locating PIM faults before intermodulation distortion adversely affects signal transmission.

Anritsu, www.rsleads.com/202ee-202

Digital Accelerometer*

The two-axis, fully integrated MXC6226XC Accelerometer is based on the company‘s patented MEMS thermal technology and manufactured using a standard 0.18-µm CMOS process and wafer-level packaging. It measures 1.2 mm x 1.7mm x 1.0 mm and is approximately 50% smaller than competitive offerings, according to the manufacturer. The small size and availability in a BGA package provide designers flexibility for integration into space-constrained designs.

The MXC6226XC integrates signal-conditioning circuitry, including a DSP. Because the device is based on MEMSIC’s thermal accelerometer technology, it has no moving internal structures and exhibits shock survivability up to 50,000g. MEMSIC, www.rsleads.com/202ee-208

PXI Products and Enhancements

National Instruments has introduced a range of new PXI products and upgrades including the NI PXIe-8100 RT embedded controller, which incorporates the Intel® Atom™ D410 Processor. NI also debuted the NI PXIe-8364/74 PXI Express Remote-Control Modules that make it possible for engineers to interface multiple PXI Express chassis directly to a single host computer using any expansion topology without requiring complex custom solutions. The company also announced upgraded redundant array of independent drives (RAIDs), including a new 24-TB option for the NI HDD-8265 high-speed data storage enclosure. National Instruments, www.rsleads.com/202ee-212

Thermal Imager*

The 2260-21 M12™ Thermal Imager, powered by the vendor’s M12 lithium-ion system, is suitable for preventative maintenance and troubleshooting applications. The tool delivers 160 x 120-pixel thermal images, includes a visual camera for standard pictures, and operates over a -10°C to 350°C temperature range.

The 2260-21 comes with Thermal Imager Report software that makes analyzing images and generating reports easy. Users can download images from the thermal imager with the included 2-GB SD card or USB connection port. By switching SD cards, users can take the tool back into the field while someone else generates the report to minimize downtime. All images use the JPEG file format. $2,500. Milwaukee Electric Tool, www.rsleads.com/202ee-214

Component-to-System Thermal Characterization

The combination of T3Ster® hardware test products and FloTHERM® software makes up what the manufacturer calls the electronic industry’s first combined technology for thermal characterization and simulation. The T3Ster is a thermal transient tester for semiconductor device packages and LEDs. The FloTHERM is the de facto standard for electronics thermal simulation and analysis to predict airflow, temperature, and heat transfer throughout electronics equipment, including components, boards, and entire systems.

The interface between T3Ster and FloTHERM creates accurate thermal simulation models. The thermal characterization offering complies with JEDEC‘s JESD51-14 test method for determining junction-to-case conductive thermal resistance of semiconductor devices. ­Mentor Graphics, www.rsleads.com/202ee-205

FM Radio Test Sets*

The R&S CTH family of two portable radio test sets is designed for fast and easy testing of analog FM radios in the field. Both test sets perform frequency and power measurements on transmitters and receivers. The CTH200A also finds cable faults between the radio and the antenna and performs over-the-air measurements. Users can check the functionality of their radios just before they are put into operation.

The compact, battery-operated 4.05“ x 7.95“ x 1.45” test sets weigh about 1.2 lb and feature an aluminum enclosure that is splashproof in accordance with IP54. Users simply connect the radio or antenna and press a few buttons to perform go, no-go tests. All results, settings, and status information are shown on an easy-to-read display. Rohde & Schwarz, www.rsleads.com/202ee-206

Handheld Oscilloscopes for Industrial Applications

The 100-MHz U1610A and 200-MHz U1620A Oscilloscopes offer up to three viewing modes (indoor, outdoor, and night vision) for viewing signal waveforms by zooming in to capture glitches under all lighting conditions. The outdoor viewing mode, coupled with the 5.7” transflective display on these handheld scopes, makes it possible to read waveforms even in bright sunlight.

Key measurement capabilities include a sampling rate of 1 or 2 GS/s and two safety-isolated input channels. Analysis capabilities incorporate deep memory, 1,000-times zooming, and dual-zoom windows for overview and detailed displays. Agilent ­Technologies, www.rsleads.com/202ee-217

Magnetic Rotary Sensors

The R-Series Magnetic Rotary Angle Sensors use the orientation of a magnetic pickup to determine angle and eliminate mechanical wear. An embedded microprocessor contained within the sensors converts the magnetic orientation to an analog output repeatable to within 0.03% or 0.1 degree of measurement range depending on model. The rotary position sensors can be programmed and reprogrammed for application angle and CW/CCW direction; single or redundant outputs can be selected.

The R-Series has a measurement range up to 360 degrees and 12- or 14-bit resolution depending on model and includes RSC28, RSC48, RSC66, and RFA4000 sensor models. Novotechnik U.S., www.rsleads.com/202ee-219

Test and Measurement Cables

Targeting companies including equipment rental firms, rack-and-stack integrators, distributors, and brand-conscious manufacturers, a line of private-labeled test and measurement cables offers guaranteed pricing and delivery times with no minimum quantities. The lineup features vertically targeted test cables through 70 GHz for telecom, semiconductor, spacecraft, and C4ISR test sets; vector network analyzers; spectrum analyzers; probe stations; EMC test systems; and environmental test chambers.

The cables can be shipped with custom jacket color (including specific Pantone matches) and logos and labeling and customer-supplied serial numbering and part numbering. Test data on customer letterhead and custom packaging and shipping labels for drop-shipment to customers are available. MegaPhase, www.rsleads.com/202ee-218

MEMS Test and Calibration Equipment*

New MEMS test-handling equipment combines the MT9510 Pick-and-Place Test Handler with the company’s MT MEMS Platform to accommodate applications such as MEMS gyroscope test. The MT MEMS Platform supports easy docking and undocking of the MEMS modules to the standard test handler and provides for test in ambient, hot, and cold environments. The platform easily converts to various package styles. MT MEMS modules are available for a variety of sensor test applications: singulated devices, strip test, and test in carriers. A down-scaled engineering setup is available.

The MT9510 XP offers up to eight contact sites and tri-temp performance from -55°C to 175°C. Kits support QFP, BGA, PGA, QFN, and other packages. Index time is 0.38 s; throughput can reach up to 5,300 uph. The system accommodates standard, high frequency, and Kelvin contacting. Multitest, www.rsleads.com/202ee-216

Bench DSOs*

The new 2540B and 2542B Digital Storage Oscilloscopes offer bandwidths of 60 MHz and 100 MHz, respectively, with 1-GS/s sampling rates. Both models are equipped with upgrades over their predecessors, including deep memory up to 2.4 Mpts and a built-in LAN interface. The addition of the standard LAN interface to the DSO’s RS-232 and USB ports provides another method of remote PC connectivity as well as the capability to capture screenshots via a web browser.

Both models feature a 5.7” color display and offer pulse width, video, and slope triggering; digital filtering; waveform recorder; pass/fail testing; and automatic measurement capabilities. These DSOs also support FFT and math functions to add, subtract, and multiply input channels. 2540B: $779; 2542B: $899. B&K Precision, www.rsleads.com/202ee-207

Wireless Test Set for R&D*

The new E5515E 8960 Series 10 Wireless Communications Test Set from Agilent Technologies is designed for R&D engineers who need to stress 2G/3G/3.5G designs at maximum data rates. The E5515E, an enhancement to the 8960 Wireless Test Set, is equipped with dual downlink paths, a more powerful processor, and other hardware improvements. It includes features such as sustained 42-Mb/s DC-HSDPA throughput and extensive handovers between 2G/3G and LTE for comprehensive 2G/3G/3.5G/LTE testing together with the company’s PXT E6621A Wireless Communications Test Set for LTE. In addition, the E5515E supports the latest TD-SCDMA advancements, such as TD-HSDPA 2.8-Mb/s IP data connections, TD-HSUPA signaling and test-mode connections, and TD-SCDMA protocol logging. Agilent Technologies, www.rsleads.com/202ee-203

EMC Filters

The new EPCOS B84143*166 three-line EMC filters for frequency converters and other power electronics applications are designed for currents of 10, 20, or 35 A at rated voltages of 520 or 300 VAC. The UL/CSA-approved filters satisfy protection-class IP20 specifications and are suitable for operating temperatures of up to 50°C. The electrical design is optimized for short motor leads of up to about 10 m to industry limit value class C2. The filters contact via tab connectors or clamp terminals. TDK‑EPC, www.rsleads.com/202ee-209

40-GHz Power-Line Filters*

The N600X Series Filters can serve in screened rooms and anechoic chambers to ensure that both incoming and outgoing power supplies do not compromise the chambers’ shielding performance. They also can be used in Tempest applications. In addition, the new filters meet NATO requirements for EMP applications.

The N600X features an insertion loss of 100 dB from 14 kHz to 40 GHz at full load, providing sufficient attenuation performance to meet EMI, RFI, high-intensity radiated-field, and intentional EMI requirements. Other features include low power dissipation and compact, rugged construction with all filter networks RF sealed in electro-tin-plated steel cases. The filters are available with ratings of 440/250 VAC from 16 A to 200 A and suitable for 400-Hz supplies. ETS-Lindgren, www.rsleads.com/202ee-210

Test Bench Generation

GOEPEL electronic has announced the availability of additional features in its TAPChecker™ EDA software for the generation of BSDL test benches. The newly developed options extend the software’s flexibility in terms of handling pin groups and complex port declarations for improved coverage of multichip modules and 3-D chips. Users now are able to assign special vector sequences to complete port groups or adopt complex bus structures into the simulation. All new options are customer driven. These features are available beginning with TAPChecker V. 2.2. The release is free for users with a valid maintenance contract. GOEPEL electronic, www.rsleads.com/202ee-211

AXIe Digitizer

Guzik’s AXIe-based ADC 6000 Series Digital Acquisition and Processing Module combines a high-speed waveform digitizer with built-in DSP hardware, which enables mixed-domain signal capture and analysis with a high-speed data transfer link to a computer. The analog bandwidth extends to 13 GHz. The ADC 6000 comes in a displayless 1U 19” AXIe module form factor. The product targets ATE and OEM systems applications in semiconductors, military electronics, physics, astronomy, avionics, and a variety of other disciplines as well as the disk drive head and media testing applications. Guzik Test and Measurement, www.rsleads.com/202ee-213

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