Stackpole Expands SMD Current Sensing Resistors

January 25, 2012. Stackpole Electronics Inc. has announced the addition of the 1210 size to the CSR/CSRN Series thick-film SMD current-sensing chip resistors. The CSR1210 has a 0.5-W power rating and can achieve resistance values from 0.01 Ω up to 1 Ω in tolerances as low as 1%. Kory Schroeder, Stackpole’s director of marketing, commented, “For current sensing, the 1210 size chip offers distinct advantages in that the wider termination enables the part to handle more current than the 1206 size at temperatures typically 10 to 15 ° C lower.”

The CSR1210 Series is ideal for applications where resistance values are above 10 mΩ and TCR requirements are 200 ppm and higher, including power management for a wide range of power supplies, small motor controls, DC/DC converters, battery management, instrumentation amplifiers, voltage regulation modules, and industrial controls.

The CSR1210 is available in tape and reel packaging quantities of 5000 pieces. Pricing depends on resistance value and tolerance and ranges from $0.035 each to $0.14 each in full package quantities.

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