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EE Announces Winner of Industry Trivia Quiz

Congratulations to Jim Campa, the winner of EE’s Industry Trivia Quiz. Campa is a test engineer at L3 Communications and a long-time EE subscriber.

The quiz was conducted as part of EE’s year-long 50th anniversary celebration and sponsored by Rohde & Schwarz. Here are the correct answers to the quiz:

1. EE-Evaluation Engineering launched in 1962. What else occurred that year? Telstar 1 relayed telephone calls, fax images, and the first live trans-Atlantic television signal; and in a speech at Rice Stadium, President John F. Kennedy declared, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade…”

2. Which sell line (phrase) appeared on the cover of the first issue of EE-Evaluation Engineering? Integrated Circuits—State of the Art

3. What popular series began running in the magazine in 1977? Coping With Static Electricity

4. What was the early focus of the magazine? Component Reliability

5. According to a report in EE-Evaluation Engineering, who were the logic analyzer market leaders in 1999? Agilent Technologies and Tektronix 

6. The 9052 Spectrum Analyzer (c. 1995) featured synthesized tuning, a dynamic range >80 dB, a sensitivity of better than -120 dBm, and a frequency range from 100 kHz to 1.6 GHz. Who manufactured it? Morrow Technologies 

7. A 1996 article in EE-Evaluation Engineering contended that card-based DMMs rival their benchtop cousins. Who manufactured the card-based DMM cited as an example, and on what architecture was the card based? Wavetek, VXI 

8. In addition to oscilloscopes, what instruments from Tektronix appeared regularly in the pages of EE-Evaluation Engineering before 1980? Curve Tracers

9. When was the PXI specification announced in the pages of EE-Evaluation Engineering? 1997 

10. Which of the following companies manufactured ATE and were featured in pre-1990 editions of EE-Evaluation Engineering? Tektronix, Wayne Kerr, Teradyne, Macrodata, Biomation, GenRad, and Analog Devices

11. Rohde & Schwarz recently entered the oscilloscope market with the RTO. In what year was the RTO introduced? 2010 

12. What currently is the highest bandwidth model in the Rohde & Schwarz RTO Oscilloscope family? 4 GHz                                              

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