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August 2013 Product Picks


The Truevolt Series digital multimeters offer several advantages over previous models: They help engineers see their measurement data in new ways, get actionable information faster, and document their results more easily. Exclusive Truevolt technology reduces extraneous factors such as noise, injected current, and input bias current for increased measurement confidence.

The 34461A DMM is a direct replacement for the 34401A DMM. The 34460A offers engineers a basic entry point to the 6½-digit class of DMMs. Compared with the 34401A DMM, the 34461A provides expanded current ranges from 100 µA to 10 A. Both the 34460A and 34461A have a temperature-measurement function and expanded diode-measurement capability to allow engineers to measure a larger full-scale voltage so they can test more diode types such as LEDs. 34460A: $945; 34461A: $1,095. Agilent Technologies

Programmable Power Supply

The Z+ Series of programmable power supplies now includes the 800-W models in addition to the previously released 200-W and 400-W models. These high-density, high efficiency, 2U format, benchtop and rack-mountable power supplies are designed to meet the demands of a variety of ATE, laboratory, and OEM applications including test and measurement, semiconductor burn-in, component test, and LED/laser test. They also serve RF amplifier, electromagnetic, and electrochemical applications.

The new Z+800 provides a selection of output voltage ranges that cover from 0 to 100 VDC with output currents up to 72 A. The Z+ 800-W units are 66% smaller and 67% lighter than previous generations and offer a 200% increase in power density. All Z+ standard models are 3.27” x 2.76” so up to six units can be installed in the optional 19-inch rack housing; blanking plates are available for unused slots. TDK-Lambda

High-Voltage Power Supply

The Sorensen SG 1000V, new to the SG Series power supplies developed for applications ranging from photovoltaic inverter and electric vehicle test to semiconductor processing and electroplating, supplies up to 1,000 VDC. It also can power CT and MRI scanners used as luggage scanners for homeland security. The 1000V DC model provides up to 15 kW in a 3U package. Users also can select from 5-kW and 10-kW models. For more output power, up to five 15-kW units can be connected in parallel to supply up to 75 kW. In addition, the Sorensen SG Series offers fast voltage and current slew rates, low noise, and built-in power factor correction.

All of the models in the SG Series are available with either Sorensen General-Purpose Intelligent or Sorensen General-Purpose Analog control. AMETEK Programmable Power

Nine-Channel Logic Analyzer

The ScanaPLUS multi-application nine-channel logic analyzer has inputs that can be configured to use two integral differential receivers for direct connection to balanced buses like CAN or RS-485, with an additional five receivers for RS-232 or LIN serial buses. All inputs are overvoltage protected to ±50 V, allowing risk-free operation where 12-V or 24-V lines are present, but are sensitive enough to faithfully observe 1.2-V logic signals at 100 MS/s. The ScanaPLUS’s design uses a proprietary FPGA-based compression and streaming algorithm that allows fast streaming of samples from device to PC, avoiding the compromising limitations of USB 2.0 bandwidth. Having nine digital input channels permits investigation of 8-bit buses, with a ninth channel available for a synchronization signal. $199.50. Saelig

Laser Confocal Microscope

The LEXT OLS4100 laser confocal microscope system delivers nanometer-level imaging, 3-D measurement, and surface roughness analysis while featuring auto brightness and a new high-speed stitching mode. Engineered to meet a growing demand for increased measurement precision and wider observation applicability, the OLS4100 offers advanced measurement performance at 10-nm resolution with a variety of user-friendly performance parameters. Thanks to high numerical apertures and a dedicated optical system that obtains maximum performance from a 405 nm laser, the OLS4100 can measure acute-angled samples that previously were impossible to measure. Olympus

DC Power Supplies

The DP800 Series is composed of three-channel power supplies that deliver up to 195 W and can float up to 240 V from ground, making it possible to configure a variety of high-voltage signals with only a few instruments. The DP800 combines control, monitoring, and analysis of voltage, current, and power with multi-instrument triggering capability. It also offers a timer control that allows the engineer to set burn-in or other test voltage or current profiles to run automatically and a monitor function for tests that require real-time alarms, warnings, or shut-off capabilities. From $409. Rigol Technologies

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