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May 2014 Product Picks

High-Voltage Power Supplies

The Model 2290-5 5-kV power supply and Model 2290-10 10-kV power supply are suited for high-voltage breakdown testing of power semiconductor components. These include devices made of wide-bandgap materials like silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN), designed for use in green, energy-efficient power generation and transmission systems and hybrid and all-electric vehicles. 

When making leakage-current or high-resistivity measurements with sensitive measurement instruments, a power supply with low output noise is essential. The Series 2290 power supplies’ low-noise performance allows sensitive instruments to measure current accurately down to picoamp levels. The Model 2290-10’s maximum output ripple is less than 1 V rms; the Model 2290-5’s is just 100 mV rms. Two selectable internal filters in the Model 2290-5 reduce its output ripple to 3 mV rms. Model 2290-10 10-kV: $4,900; Model 2290-5 5-kV: $3,890. Keithley Instruments

200-MHz to 1-GHz Oscilloscopes

The R&S RTE oscilloscopes are available with bandwidths from 200 MHz to 1 GHz and an acquisition rate of more than one million waveforms per second. The scope’s digital trigger system with virtually no trigger jitter delivers precise results. The single-core A/D converter with more than seven effective bits (ENOB) almost completely eliminates signal distortion. With a sampling rate of 5 GS/s and a maximum memory depth of 50 MS/channel, the R&S RTE can record the long signal sequences required when analyzing data content of serial protocols such as I2C and CAN. Rohde & Schwarz

Waveform Generators

The 33600A Series waveform generators offer exclusive Trueform signal-generation technology, which enables the instruments to generate a full range of signals for measurements required by engineers and technicians during electronic device design and manufacturing test.

The 33600A Series comprises four one- and two-channel models, which generate waveforms up to 120 MHz at 1 GS/s. The generators provide less than 1-ps jitter, total harmonic distortion less than 0.03%, and nonharmonic spurs below -75 dBc. Low jitter and 3-ns rise and fall times allow users to set trigger points more accurately. 33600A Series users can take advantage of software upgrades to expand their instruments’ capabilities. From $3,995 for a one-channel, 80-MHz model to $6,695 for a two-channel, 120-MHz model. Agilent Technologies

Eight-Channel USB Oscilloscope

Housed in a compact, rugged enclosure, the PicoScope 4824 offers 12-bit resolution and a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface. The new eight-channel PicoScope has the same small footprint as previous two- and four-channel models, and it can replace cumbersome full-sized workbench scopes. Like all PicoScopes, the 4824 is small, light, and portable. It is powered via USB and does not require a separate adapter. The PicoScope 4824 also has a built-in low-distortion, 80-MS/s, 14-bit arbitrary waveform generator. Saelig

RF Synchronization Software

A new release for RF Studio software features the capability to synchronize four channels within 1 ns, among other enhancements. For multiband applications like precision GPS—with signals found simultaneously in L1, L2, and L5 bands—multiple phase-coherent RF-channel support is a crucial requirement, especially for development and characterization of RF receivers and the environments they are designed to operate in. RF Studio enables users to make trouble-free RF recordings; manage collected data; and play back real-world radio, video, or navigation signals for in-depth, repeatable analysis and testing. Highlights include multirecorder and player PXI synchronization that supports four or more phase-coherent RF channels. Averna

Step-Up Energy Harvester

The LTC3107 is a highly integrated DC/DC converter designed to extend the life of a primary battery in low-power wireless system networks. It combines energy-harvesting and power-management capability with a primary battery cell to extend the battery’s usable lifetime. The LTC3107 harvests energy from thermoelectric generators and thermopiles when these sources are available, storing excess power in a capacitor and seamlessly transitioning to the primary cell to power a wireless sensor node when harvested power is unavailable. Linear Technology

UMTS Protocol Test Suite

The enhanced UMTS Protocol Analysis and Emulation Suite consists of both the UMTS analyzer and emulator, covering all the major interfaces in the UMTS network. The analyzer provides capturing and decoding capabilities across various interfaces. The emulator is capable of simulating the major interfaces across the Circuit-Switched as well as Packet-Switched data in the UTRAN network. GL Communications

PXIe Storage

The Big River DM-125-3U storage unit features disk-storage resources for PXIe-based systems. By providing an internal enclosure for online storage, the DM-125-3U compliments the PXIe environment. With capacities of up to 2 TB in a single-slot unit, the DM-125-3U offers abundant storage capacity for test-and-measurement applications with a very small footprint. The storage unit has an onboard PCIe SATA controller and is compatible with major operating systems. From $2,475. Conduant

LXI Digitizers

Nine new digitizerNETBOX models are capable of sampling signals at rates of up to 500 MS/s with 14-bit resolution and 250 MS/s with 16-bit resolution. Controlling and accessing the data collected by the digitizerNETBOX are done by connecting it via Ethernet to a host computer (for example, a laptop or workstation) or anywhere on the corporate network. The platform is fully LXI compliant (following Core 2011 specifications) and offers an IVI-compatible interface for the IVI Scope and Digitizer classes. A control program can be written using almost any popular language.
Spectrum GmbH

Thermal Test System

The Thermostream ATS-750 delivers clean dry air from -90°C to 300°C to support growing demands for testing electronics at higher temperatures. Conditioning, characterization, and failure analysis at higher temperatures require more time for the DUT to reach a set temperature. The ATS-750 provides the horsepower to reach a wide temperature range quickly with temperature transitions up to 15°C/s. The Thermostream’s touch-screen operation and remote communications permit convenient setup and operation to run complex thermal cycling and temperature testing routines. Its swivel arm and pneumatic controls offer a wide reach for testing and conditioning at the bench site or on the production floor. inTEST Thermal

Digital Oscilloscopes

The DS2000A Series digital oscilloscopes feature the vendor’s UltraVision technology and support high sample rate, long record length, wide vertical range, and low noise floor. The scopes offer bandwidths up to 300 MHz and are available with an integrated full-function 25-MHz, two-channel generator. The two-channel DS2000A provides a 2-GS/s maximum sample rate and 14-Mpoint record length (56 Mpoints optional) to help users find elusive problems in complex digital streams by facilitating long acquisitions at high sample rates with fine resolution and signal detail. Rigol Technologies

PXI 10-A Multiplexers

The new PXI 10-A Model 40-661 power multiplexer is available in a variety of configurations. Each multiplexer is capable of hot switching up to 10 A at 30 VDC and has a maximum DC hot-switch rating of 125 VDC. AC signals up to 250 VAC at 10 A can be switched. For cold-switching applications, the 40-661 withstands 400 VDC.

The 40-661 uses high-quality, high-power electromechanical relays, and user signals are carried on 20-way GMCT connectors. Options for partially loaded configurations are available to minimize user cost for smaller test-system applications. Careful attention to the switch designs ensures that all multiplexers can carry the full 10-A current simultaneously over the full operating temperature range. Supporting cable and connector solutions are available for the 10-A power multiplexer. Pickering Interfaces

Vision Inspection Cell

The JOT Vision Inspection Cell is a fully integrated solution for smartphones and tablets. The cell is based on a parallel testing option that combines vision-inspection software and hardware, including cameras and optics. The system can be used to test products at different stages—for example, components, subassemblies, or final products. It puts an end to the reliance of inspection done by the human eye, which leads to expensive and subjective results. 

A fully integrated package, the cell can be used to create needed vision tests, or the vendor can supply a turnkey solution for a particular test case. JOT Automation

AIM-120 Simulation and Test

With new enhancements to the MTS-3060 SmartCan, a universal O-level aircraft armament test set for legacy aircraft employing smart weapons, maintainers now can test the full functionality of an AIM-120 interface by emulating an AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile. With the compact SmartCan test set, the company meets the testing needs of today’s smart weapons while overcoming system obsolescence. SmartCan is capable of standardizing and consolidating armament test equipment across fourth- and fifth-generation aircraft, including F-5, Hawk, TA/ FA-50, A-10, F-15, F-16, and F-18. Marvin Test Solutions

105°C Microcontrollers

The portfolio of LPC microcontrollers now offers devices rated for temperatures up to 105°C. Giving engineers wider choice when selecting entry-level microcontrollers, the new LPC11E6x family is designed for harsh operating conditions common in many lighting and industrial-automation applications.

The LPC11E6x family is available in three memory and package variations, including up to 256-kB Flash, 36-kB RAM, and 4-kB EEPROM. Power efficiency is achieved through an ARMCortex-M0+ core and the vendor’s power profiles that allow various power-saving options depending on the application demands. High-precision analog features include a 2-MS/s, 12-channel, 12-bit ADC, and ample connectivity is provided through I2C and SPI interfaces, USARTs, and up to 80 GPIOs. NXP Semiconductors

USB3 Vision Support

Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) now provides complete native support for the USB3 Vision camera-interface standard. As a result, MIL users take advantage of USB3 Vision cameras on Windows 7 and Windows 8 imaging systems and increase the selection of camera interface standards that can be employed interchangeably. The USB3 Vision standard, built on the GenICam generic programming interface, offers features such as bandwidth higher than 350 MB/s, a plug-and-play interface, and support for power and data up to five meters over a passive cable or even greater distances over an active cable. The new USB3 Vision support is an update to MIL 10. Matrox Imaging

Embedded Test

A new extension of the ChipVORX embedded test instruments supports universal frequency measurement based on special FPGA soft macros. The ChipVORX models are modular IP to control chip-embedded instruments that now allow FPGA-assisted test of differential clock signals and the measurement of frequencies directly inside the system application. This allows the user to verify the dynamics of the signals and to increase test coverage where the workflow is fully automated by the software. Since the process works without FPGA design synthesis, a dynamic adaption of the test procedure is possible without problems. GOEPEL electronic

Pressure Sensor

The XPC10 miniature pressure sensor measures both static and dynamic pressures across an operating range of -40°C to +220°C.  A rugged, stainless-steel housing protects the sensor from corrosive liquids, chemicals, and gases found in many industrial, military, and aerospace applications. Combined with its compact profile, as small as 12 mm, the XPC10 is easily installed in a number of harsh environments including test benches, oven-monitoring equipment, and cooling regulation systems. The vendor’s SanShift technology, incorporated into the new sensor, ensures long-term performance by eliminating zero shifts caused by installation torque. Measurement Specialties

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